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Lortone Tumblers

Rock Tumblers for the beginner or pro. These tumblers are not toys. They are built to last. The tumblers can be used for rock tumbling or for polishing metal parts such as wire wrapped jewellery. As a rock tumbler, the rotary tumblers from Lortone will give many years of service. For more information on tumbling wire wrapped jewellery click on "Tips & Tricks" to learn more. Go to Lapidary supplies for the grits and polishes that are required for tumbling and also for tumble polishing sterling silver wire work.

3A Tumbler


The 3A rock tumbler is our most popular single barrel tumbler. This tumbler is the perfect size for getting started. Besides being used as a rock tumbler, it can be used with steel shot for tumbler polishing jewellery. The tumbler barrel holds up to 3lb of rock.

33B Tumbler

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The 33B rock tumbler, tumbles twice as much at one time! The two barrel rock tumbler can let you have different hardness of stones tumbling in different barrels at the same time. Also the second barrel could be used exclusively for the tumble polish stage or used with steel shot to polish your jewellery.


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The QT6 rock tumbler's rugged design allows for larger capacity and for some larger stones to be tumbled. The tumbler barrel is interchangeable with the QT66 rock tumbler.



The QT12 is our best mid-size rock tumbler. Large capacity for high volume production. The QT 12 has a single 12lb capacity barrel for rock tumbling. This tumbler can also be used for tumbling jewellery. The downside is that it requires about 6-8 lb of steel shot to tumble properly.



The QT66 rock tumbler offers extra versatility and great performance! The 2-six pound capacity tumbler 

can be used just like the 33B rock tumbler but with more capacity.

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Raytech Vibratory Tumblers

The Vibratory tumblers from Raytech do a different job then the rotary tumblers from Lortone. To learn about those differences and when to use vibratory vs rotary. Please click here to learn more.

Tumble - Vibe

Vibrating tumblers polish by moving the media against the stone in a circular fashion.



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